Carbon emission is a big problem that affects all of us. We want to be part of the solution.

Global Coffee Industries have established a reduction program as the starting point of our circular strategy based in the following key points:



Calculate the carbon footprint

A carbon footprint represents the main greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions along the life cycle of a product.

We have made a carbon life cycle assessment to be aware of the carbon footprint of our products during the all process: from cultivation to consumption. As this is the very first step to take actions, we rely this task on Climate Neutral Group who has developed a specific tool to calculate the climate impact of coffee products.
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forrest spectrum

Climate Neutral Group have created a FORREST SPECTRUM: a mix of various high quality forest carbon projects in one groupGlobal Coffee Industries wants to help building a better future that's why we have decided to invest in this mix of Forestry Carbon projects that protects (conservation), restores (reforestation) and transforms (afforestation) land in various locations across the world. Every type of Forestry Carbon projects are necessary to achieve a better world.

CO² Offsetting

In addition to our reduction program, we are investing in specific projects to offset our CO2 emissions and to ensure that the same amount of CO2 emitted is reduced elsewhere in the world. This project generates certified carbon credits, internationally recognized by standards such as Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

waste management

Waste collection, transport, classification and storage system.

At Global Coffee Industries we care about the environment, that is why we have a waste collection system to ensure that they are classified and stored in search of their best treatment.


Solar panel installation

Installation of 1000m2 in our main roastery in Seville.

We want to reduce the use of resources to minimize the environmental impact. That is why we have installed solar panels achieving an overall reduction of 24,81% on average energy consumption per month.

Biomass roastery

We are proud to share and offer to our customers the option to produce its coffee at Tarragona ́s facilities.

Using biomass (dried olive pit) to produce energy instead of fossil fuel allows us to increase the sustainability of the production process by reducing the carbon footprint to zero CO² emissions, while ensuring a lower energy consumption, avoiding cross contamination and contributing with the circularity of the economy.



As a part of our strategy, we offer and encourage customers to consider sustainable criteria when it comes to select materials and define their branding image. In addition to the use of recycled paper, we offer as well FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate materials that guarantee that the packaging has been manufactured with sustainable materials during the entire supply chain. This distinctive seal certifies to the consumer that all the raw material from the trees have been treated in a sustainable way and that they provide environmental, social and economic benefits during the entire supply chain.



Polyester 12 μ white EVOH polyethylene 90gr - barrier material. Made of high quality raw materials, complying with European food safety requirements. Recyclable material, 100% aluminum free. Protects the coffee products, assure long shelf life, and reduces waste throughout the global supply chain.

Círculo RECICAP®

Global Coffee Industries has joined 23 other companies in the coffee sector to launch CírculoRECICAP and develop an ambitious project to collect and recycle coffee capsules. It already has more than 4,000 collection points in Spain.
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