Your brand is our brand

Make your brand with us in 5 steps

1. Blend

Select your blend with a unique mix of flavours, body and aroma, to delight your customer’s taste.

2. Packaging

Choose from a wide variety of bags, different sizes and materials, to ensure the perfect conservation of your coffee.

3. Labelling

Our marketing team will accompany your design proposal until the end, advising you on texts and requirements needed.

4. Quality

Our quality department will guarantee the compliance of all the legal terms specification according to EU regulations.

5. Launch

After the design is approved by our marketing dept. and verified by the printer, the quality team checks it to guarantee its maximum quality.

Private label - Coffee

Option A

Option B

Option C

Private label - Tea

Tile box packaging

Pyramid packaging

Tea classic packaging

Loose tea packaging

Sealed pyramid​ envelop

With us you can easily create your own brand.

Discover the multiple options we offer you to develop your own coffee or tea brand. We can help you during the whole process, from the product to the branding, always with our expert´s advice.
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